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Conolift marine hydraulic boat trailers feature a unique wide-open frame concept, delivering the most user-friendly trailer operation on the market today. Our trailers provide superior inside clearance, allowing vessels to be safely carried and set with very low ground clearance when necessary. Setting keel blocks and boat stands is also easier with the improved accessibility of a Conolift hydraulic boat trailer.

Most Conolift models are equipped with our exclusive hydraulic expanding-width frames, allowing an expanded inside clearance of 98" (even more on large models). This allows the trailers to straddle and haul sailboats resting on large cradles. When combined with our optional hydraulic sail arm package, our open-frame system enables the trailer to safely handle non-cradled sailboats with all types of keels, including wing keel designs.

This clean, open-frame system and wide inside width also enables Conolift operators to transport vessels backwards when required.

Not only are our trailers constructed with an wide-open frame design; we also strive to deliver uncomplicated operation and clean, uncluttered lines. Most of our hydraulic components are mounted within the actual frame of the trailer, eliminating exposed hoses, cylinders, and fittings in the working areas.

Conolift operators insist that our clean, open-frame design offers the most efficient boat handling solution for every application. ease of operation, simple functionality, and efficiency in handling are the hallmarks of our trailers.

Please take a moment to review the photo galleries and other information to see the benefits of the Conolift clean, open-frame design concept.You can also view and download a comprehensive brochure covering all of our equipment here.

NOTE: We have recently updated our trailer model lineup. The Equipment Brochure linked to on this website contains the correct models, with associated sizing and capacities. We are still in the process of updating our website to reflect the latest changes. We apologize for the inconvenience.