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Self-Propelled Trailers

When it comes to superior manoeuvrability and efficient handling, there are no alternatives! Conolift self-propelled marine hydraulic trailers deliver the ultimate in boat-handling convenience and performance.

Our exclusive 180 degree steering system provides unparalleled maneouvrability in tight quarters, allowing for increased vessel storage in yards where space is at a premium.

These trailers feature all the benefits of our standard yard trailers, including our clean, open-frame design concept, and hydraulic expanding-width frame, combined with our extended frame lift system for independent hydraulic height adjustment. Conolift self-propelled trailers feature a full hydrostatic drive system, with dynamic braking and a multi wet-disk parking brake for added safety.

The operator's station with full engine instrumentation is mounted on the integral tractor unit at the front of the trailer. An optional hydraulic-operated raised platform can be added for greater clearance when the unit is used for launch and retrieval on ramps.

These trailers are supplied standard with all fixtures and attachments necessary to handle powerboats and sailboats on cradles. For handling sailboats without cradles, our adjustable hydraulic sail arm package can be added to any self-propelled trailer model.

All trailers are sandblasted after welding, and polyurethane-painted with your choice of colour. Optional hot dip galvanizing is also available for superior corrosion protection.

Unparralleled efficiency and ease of operation are the hallmarks of Conolift self-propelled hydraulic trailers.

Please select a model below for additional information.

NOTE: We have recently updated our trailer model lineup. The Equipment Brochure linked to on this website contains the correct models, with associated sizing and capacities. We are still in the process of updating our website to reflect the latest changes. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Conolift Marine Hydraulic Self Propelled Trailer
















8,000 LBS

0 - 9 MPH




20" - 40"

 5' 0 "

 16' 4 "

 29' 6"

16' - 30'


12,000 LBS

0 - 9 MPH



 68"- 96"

22" -54"

6' 4"

 15' 4 "

 36' 6"

 18' - 34'


20,000 LBS 

0 - 9 MPH



 68"- 96"

 22" - 54"

6' 4"

19' 2"

36' 6"

18' - 37'


30,000 LBS

0 - 9 MPH



 68" - 96"

 24" - 60"

7' 10"

21' 4 "

39' 6"

20' - 42'


40,000 LBS

0 - 9 MPH



 68" - 96"

 24" - 60"

8' 6"


43' 0"

20' - 46'


60,000 LBS 

0 - 6 MPH



84" -114"

 24" - 62"

10' 6"

27' 4"

 50' 0"

28' - 50'


80,000 LBS 

0 - 6 MPH



84" -114"

 24" - 62"

11' 6"

 29' 6"

55' 0 "

30' - 60'


120,000 LBS 

0 - 6 MPH



 96" -126"

 30" - 66"

16' 0"'

32' 6"

61' 0"

30' - 70'


160,000 LBS 

0 - 6 MPH



97" - 127 "

 30" - 64"

14' 7"

43' 4"

72' 8"

30' - 80'


200,000 LBS 

0 - 4 MPH



97" - 127 "

 30" - 64"

16' 5 "

59' 6"

87' 5"

30' - 90'



Conolift marine hydraulic trailers feature a unique wide, open-frame concept, delivering the most user-friendly trailer operation on the market today. Our trailers provide superior inside clearance, allowing vessels to be safely carried and set with very low ground clearance when necessary. Setting keel blocks and boat stands is also easier with the improved accessability of a Conolift hydraulic trailer.

Most Conolift models are equipped with our exclusive hydraulic expanding-width frames, allowing an expanded inside clearance of 98" (even more on large models). This allows the trailers to straddle and haul sailboats resting on large cradles. When combined with our optional hydraulic sail arm package, our open-frame system enables the trailer to safely handle non-cradled sailboats with all types of keels, including wing keel designs.

This clean, open-frame system and wide inside width also enables Conolift operators to transport vessels backwards when required.

Not only are our trailers constructed with a wide, open-frame design; we also strive to deliver uncomplicated operation and clean, uncluttered lines. Most of our hydraulic components are mounted within the actual frame of the trailer, eliminating exposed hoses, cylinders, and fittings in the working areas.

Conolift operators insist that our clean, open-frame design offers the most efficient boat handling solution for every application. Ease of operation, simple functionality, and efficiency in handling are the hallmarks of our trailers.

Take a minute to review the photos below to see the benefits of the Conolift clean, open-frame design concept.


When it comes to the ultimate in functionality, versatility, and performance, Conolift delivers! Our exclusive hydraulic expanding-width frame allows variable-width inside frame clearance, providing a customized fit for every vessel. This unique system provides easy expansion and retraction of the main trailer side-frames, delivering adjustment of 30" or more. This system, combined with our clean, open-frame design allows trailers to transport sailboats resting on cradles.

Highway trailers equipped with this system are designed to expand for safe transportation of large, wide-load vessels, with the keel carried as low to the ground as possible for maximum overhead clearance. This increased frame width also provides superior stability when transporting wide-beam vessels. When transporting the trailer empty, or with smaller vessels, the frames can be quickly retracted to allow for legal-width operation.

This hydraulic expanding-width frame design is a proven system, with units in continuous service since 1985.

For the ultimate in boat-handling efficiency, ease of operation, and simple functionality, give Conolift a call. But don't just take our word for it! Ask for a list of references, and take the time to contact our clients to find out for yourself how Conolift can benefit your operation.

For more details on our exclusive hydraulic expanding-width frame system, review the pictures below.


Conolift marine hydraulic trailers are designed to handle most powerboats and sailboats on cradles without the use of hydraulic arms.

Our optional sail arm package, available with all trailer models, features hydraulic arms with variable position pads to support the hull of your non-cradled sailboats. These pads are mounted with a ball and socket assembly, allowing the pad to pivot as required to match the angle of the hull.

The forward arms are mounted to the front frames of the trailer, and are moveable along the length of the forward frame, allowing a greater range of vessels to be handled with the same trailer. A simple crank assembly easily slides these arms fore and aft, to be locked in position where required to properly support the bow of the vessel being handled.

The aft arms are actually a hinged portion of the rear trailer frame, which rotates upward to meet the stern of the hull being transported. The socket-mounted pads can be adjusted inward or outward as necessary for wide or narrow beam vessels. For larger vessels, a mid set of arms can also be added to large yard and self propelled trailers for greater stability.

The weight of the vessel is supported on adjustable aluminum keel bars, suspended between the side frames of the trailer. These light-weight bars can be adjusted as necessary for shoal draft or deep keel vessels. The hydraulic frame lift design ensures the load is carried with the center of gravity as low as possible, while allowing for plenty of clearance on uneven terrain.

Our clean, open-frame design and hydraulic expanding-width frames ensure that even the beamiest vessels can be transported safely. Wing keel designs can also be handled easily with our unique, wide inside frame clearance.

Conolift's hydraulic sail arm system is a proven solution for handling non-cradled sailboats. Please feel free to browse the pictures below for more details.


Whether your crew has years of boat-handling experience, or if they are rather new to the industry - - Conolift makes it easier! When it comes to simple functionality, ease of operation, and efficient boat-handling, there is no alternative!

Conolift's exclusive extended frame lift system, with our frame-mounted adjustable lifting pads, allows safe and easy one man trailer operation. Our trailers operate similar to a large fork truck, with the side frames of the trailer serving as the "forks" for lifting your vessels.

Our clean, open-frame design and hydraulic expanding-width frame allows even greater flexibility particularly when working with wide beam vessels.

For gunnel to gunnel indoor or outdoor storage, Conolift provides the solution. With our trailers, there is no need to leave room between vessels for handling slug beams or long keel bars, so true "rail to rail" positioning is made possible.

Our hydraulic rear winch strap also eliminates the need for a fixed end-gate or rear torsion bar, allowing for fast and efficient haul-out and blocking.

For greater efficiency, many clients choose our optional wireless radio remote control system for all hydraulic functions. This system provides added convenience, efficiency, and safety, without eliminating the manual control system as a back-up.

For the ultimate in efficiency and ease of operation, please contact us, or perhaps one of our clients in your area. They will assure you that Conolift out-performs the competition, providing superior boat-handling safety and efficiency for all operations.

Please feel free to browse the pictures below for more details.

  • Kropf Conolift Marine Hydraulic Self-Propelled Trailer
  • Kropf Conolift Marine Hydraulic Self-Propelled Trailer
  • Kropf Conolift Marine Hydraulic Self-Propelled Trailer
  • Kropf Conolift Marine Hydraulic Self Propelled Trailer