Y-4 Marine Hydraulic Yard Trailer

Standard Capacities & Features

  • Capacity (size)
    • Powerboats to 28' LOA
    • Cradled sailbots to 30' LOA
  • Capacity (weight)
    • 10,000 lbs off-road
  • 8" x 8" x .250" HSS steel tube frame
  • Fixed width frame (non-expanding) with 64" clear inside width
  • Hydraulic tongue with pintle ring
  • Hydraulic lift - wheel and tongue lift with frame heights to 40"
  • Hydraulic Power: 5.5 HP Honda gasoline engine
  • Pilot operated safety lock-valves on main frame lift
  • Hydraulically operated rear keel support strap
  • 4 adjustable powerboat pads
  • O-ring boss and JIC hydraulic fittings
  • Zinc coated steel hose ends and fittings
  • High strength hydraulic cylinder shafts
  • Stainless steel hardware (nuts/bolts/pins)
  • Walking beam suspension
  • Tires: 9.00 x 14.5 bias ply
  • Complete sandblast to white metal, 1 coat zinc primer, 1 coat epoxy high build primer
  • Polyurethane paint - 2 coats of Conolift Red PPG commercial performance paint
  • 3 year warranty on frame, 2 years on hydraulic components with 90 days limited warranty on running gear

Optional Equipment

  • Custom PPG colour choice - 189 colors to choose from
  • Black or white decal (company name & telephone number) on both sides of unit
  • Stainless steel hose ends & fittings package (includes SS cylinder shafts)
  • Wireless remote control
  • Hot dip galvanized frame and hubs (in lieu of standard painting process)
  • Hydraulic 4-arm package for handling non-cradled sail boats

Conolift reserves the right to change specifications or substitute components as required in an effort to supply a better product in an ever changing marketplace.

Download Conolift YH-3 Spec Sheet