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Commercial Docks

At Kropf Marine, we have over 25 years of experience in the design, fabrication, and installation of commercial floating dock systems. Our reputation as the industry leader for quality floating dock systems in Ontario (and beyond) is based on uncompromising quality and conscientious customer service.

Floating docks by Kropf provide superior stability, strength, performance, and longevity at competitive prices through the use of epoxy coated steel pipes as the main floatation and structural member.  Decades of experience in northern conditions have enabled us to develop a premier floating dock system that is proven in commercial marine applications where heavy ice may be a factor. This experience and quality ensure reduced maintenance costs and a safe and enjoyable marina environment.

Marine environments are very dynamic, and floating dock systems are subjected to constant movement. The structural integrity of a well-engineered steel dock structure is not compromised over time by these forces, unlike a wood-framed or aluminum-framed dock system. Our experience in many different locations on the Great Lakes and beyond has allowed us to develop proven solutions for commercial marine operations.

Kropf Marine is equipped to provide complete package dock systems, from the CAD design process, through fabrication, coatings, and decking, to delivery, launch, installation, and anchoring. We offer custom layouts and configurations to meet your specific requirements - - - there are no standard sizes!

Whether adding several slips to increase your marina capacity, or developing a new harbour, Kropf offers proven solutions!

Our docks feature longitudinal spiral welded float tubes under both the finger docks and the main spine sections. Float tubes are sized based on the floatation requirements of the end user and the site conditions. These steel floats serve as the floatation for the docks, as well as the main structural member, providing unparalleled rigidity and stability.

Connections between dock sections are completed with a combination of rigid bolt-frame attachments, and our exclusive semi-rigid rubber torsion hinge connection system. This combination of rigid and semi-rigid attachments provides superior stability while reducing metal fatigue and maintenance costs, and providing a silent, enjoyable marina environment.

Steel angle frames are welded to the longitudinal floats and support 4" x 4" wood stringers and skirt boards. Premium pressure treated 2" x 6" deck boards are screw-mounted to the stringers, with edges neatly trimmed to match the outer edge of the dock. We use double 2" x 8" pressure treated planks as fascia, providing a neat and trim finish, as well as a practical contact surface for fenders. Premium western red cedar, Moisture Shield, or ThruFlow, are also available as decking options.

10" cast aluminum cleats are mounted with through-bolts to the stringers for securing vessels to the docks. An extruded aluminum track that accommodates adjustable cleats is available as an option. Painted or premium stainless steel bollards are also available.

All steel surfaces are sandblasted and spray coated with our advanced Devoe "Bar Rust" application process for longevity. Coatings are applied indoors in an environmentally controlled paint booth to ensure coating quality.

A wide variety of accessories are available to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appearance of your marina’s floating dock system. These include the following items:

  • Dock pedestals
  • Dock boxes
  • Welded aluminum swim ladders
  • Welded aluminum swim stairs
  • A variety of dock bumper profiles
  • Solar lights