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Corporate Overview

 Kropf Industrial is an experienced and diversified design and manufacturing firm. Our key product lines include hydraulic boat trailers, marine mobile lifts, floating dock systems, and custom equipment for unique or specialized applications.

Kropf Marine - Floating Dock Systems

Kropf Marine has been supplying steel tube floating dock systems to discerning clients since 1988. Our rugged and durable system features industry-leading stability and safety, as well as excellent long-term performance in ice, and a variety of options that will allow you to tailor the system to your unique requirements. Each system is built to order, and Kropf is equipped to supply turn-key marina systems, including floating breakwaters if required.

Kropf Conolift - Complete Boat Handling Systems

Kropf Conolift can partner with you to provide a full line of boat handling and storage equipment. Depending on your operation, this may include a mobile lift, towable or self-propelled trailer, and boat storage stands. Purchasing all of your equipment in one place will save you time, money, and maintenance costs. 

Kropf Conolift - Hydraulic Boat Trailers

 Kropf has delivered over 1,000 of its Conolift hydrualic trailers. Conolift trailers, with their open expanding width frame, full frame lift, and rugged construction, offer you maximum flexibility and ease of operation. We build tow-behind, self-propelled, and highway trailers with capacities up to 100 tons. Each of our trailers can be equipped to handle sailboats, powerboats, and catamarans, depending on your requirements.

Kropf Conolift - Marine Mobile Lifts

Conolift supplies a full line of mobile lifts for marine and industrial applications. These rugged and durable machines provide reliable and efficient service with low maintenance requirements. Available options include full remote control with digital load gauges, four wheel steering, and hydraulic sling positioners. 

Kropf Conolift - Haulle Hydraulic Trailer Tug

The Haulle trailer tug is designed to improve safety and efficiency in your yard, be it marina storage or a logistics facility. This fully remote control machine can turn any fifth wheel, pintle, or ball hitch trailer into a self-propelled unit.