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Kropf Industrial Delivers Highly Maneuverable Conolift 60-ton Self-Propelled Trailer

by Jordan Kropf | May 29, 2013
Kropf Industrial has delivered an advanced Conolift self-propelled trailer to Winter Harbor LLC. This 60-ton capacity machine offers unmatched maneuverability and ease of use to bring added efficiency to Winter Harbor's boat storage operations.

Kropf Industrial has just delivered a new Conolift sixty-ton capacity self-propelled hydraulic boat trailer to Winter Harbor LLC in Brewerton, NY. Winter Harbor is a brokerage, service, and storage facility with extensive indoor storage facilities. The new trailer will allow for the safe and efficient transportation of vessels from the existing lift into the storage buildings, where they can be easily placed in close proximity on storage stands without the use of additional equipment. The trailer features an updated open-end design to minimize overall length without sacrificing stability, thereby increasing storage efficiency and maneuverability.

The new trailer also offers Conolift’s signature design benefits, including an open frame that expands in width to allow transportation of a wide range of vessel types and sizes, frame lift to 65”, and 180 degree steering. A full radio remote control package with microprocessors and digital readouts provides safe, reliable, and consistent operation of the trailer while improving labor efficiencies.

Kropf Industrial Inc. is a leading manufacturer of marina and boatyard equipment, including hydraulic boat trailers, mobile marine lifts, floating dock systems, floating breakwaters, and boat storage stands.To find out more about the company, please visit our website at www.kropfindustrial.com or 888-480-3777.