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Kropf Industrial Delivers Second Trailer to DFO

by Jordan Kropf | Apr 15, 2015
Kropf Industrial has delivered a new Conolift H-10 to the DFO. This trailer is the second of its type purchaed by DFO, and features a 20,000 lbs highway capacity with air ride, frame lift, and a low profile gooseneck.

April 15, 2015, Parry Sound, ON Kropf Industrial has just delivered a second Conolift H-10 hydraulic trailer to Fisheries and Oceans Canada. This trailer, the second of its type, features a 20,000 lbs highway capacity, with a non-expanding open frame, hydraulic frame lift, and air ride suspension. The trailer also includes galvanized steel construction with aluminum rims and a low-profile gooseneck.

            The purchase of this trailer will allow DFO to transport vessels throughout their area of operations, with the ability to quickly load and unload without the use of other equipment. The open frame design allows room for specialized hull-mounted equipment, such as sonar transducers, between the trailer frames without the boat having to be carried high. The purchase of this equipment will provide additional support for DFO’s mandate to support and protect Canada’s aquatic ecosystems and waterways.

            Kropf Industrial Inc. is a leading manufacturer of marina and boatyard infrastructure, including hydraulic trailers, mobile marine lifts, floating dock systems, floating breakwaters, and boat storage stands.

H-10 Highway Trailer

DFO H-10 Rear View